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I have been working on an MA in Fine Art, which I have now completed. Its been quite an invigorating year which has opened my mind again to the valuable world of learning and reading.  I am becoming more engaged in feminism Simone De Beauvoir and would thoroughly recommend it! I questioned where the initial spark of inequality started and in this bible of feminism writing it literally goes back to the ‘egg’ being passive whilst the sperm being dominant, so there you go! I have now joined the Women’s equality party! And looking forward to finding our Art House with Sue Tilley on feminism ( and my son) in the Autumn and Spring of 2017. We incidentally have the backing of kensington council and Hackney council!

So here is the installation called ‘snowflakes’ The cocaine Diet; along with a sound piece of the dancers doing bourrees only.14203170_10209023518759680_1961709433289278593_n

The time and lives of my family the Triggs

I just want to tell you about my wonderful family and what they are all up to in the coming weeks. I have four gorgeous children, and each of them individual and creative.

My eldest son Josh is a film director with his own company (Jam Flicks), and I have some exciting things I want to post on his behalf (he may not want me to as they are all such modest children, and I must say it seems very hard for me to do this for myself, so I can understand their apprehension).

My daughter Natasha is a professional ballet dancer who has danced at the Royal Albert Hall in Swan Lake for the English National Ballet and whom you may also have seen on billboards around London as she is featured in the Lexus car adverts.  My next son Kit is a very talented guitarist singer/song writer and has been put forward for Glastonbury at the tender age of 18. My last son, Beau is a fabulous larger than life sportsman, still at primary school.

I am extremely proud of them all, though I hadn’t wanted to say too much until my good friend Lorrie said I really should.  I hope you enjoy reading about them and I will be putting up some pretty exciting pics and sounds over the next few weeks:)

Lots of love, Katherine xx

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