Tree Of Life/Family Tree

Reflection on what we call family

I am very interested in ‘the family’ as we know it through my own life experiences and researching families/groups/and support, traditional families, groups i.e. skateboarders, extended families and groups of people that become their families. Large families and families of two. Even what we call families if we have two pets.

“Reflection of our wider most important framework of support”

In the summer of 2016 we are celebrating earth and organic groups by reflecting visually on a large old tree in Farnham where the community is getting together to put pictures of ‘their families’ all over the tree.   It is a community led tree 🙂 with the backing of the Farnham Waverley council               .


I would love you to be part of this and if you want your family to be proudly part of this, please e mail me at, I will just need you to send some pics in and I will hang them and send a picture back showing your place on the tree. 🙂

Thank you Love Katherine xx


Kit Trigg


kit triggA new face for Blues Rock is developing in London in the form of Kit Trigg. The two piece have shaken up the genre and given it a much darker side; in doing so have slid right into the public eye.

As soon as I listened to the band, both Blues Rock connoisseurs’ Jack White and Queens of the Stone Age entered my mind. It wasn’t the heavy guitar riffs or the Booming and Splashy Drums, but the ability to smoothly transition from one part of a song to the next in total unanimity.

Shaped by the likes of Ry Cooder and Royal Blood, Kit Trigg have brought the old and the new together in a very impelling style. The rasp, bellowing vocals produced by lead singer Kit ruggedly harmonise with his guitar as drummer Nic Sleight lays down punchy and piercing drum beats.

The track ‘I feel so much…

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Vintage Kit Pop Up Shop!!

Vintage Kit Pop Up Shop
Hi there everyone…

A quick heads up to announce we have a Pop Up Shop that will be open on the 20th November showcasing our 2015 range, which will see the launch of the VK bedding and wallpaper which includes our vintage Disney range as well.  We will also be offering the majority for sale – fabulous timing before Christmas!!

The event takes place from 3.45 to 7.30 at:

Maggie and Rose
58 Pembroke Road
W8 6NX

Please do try to come. It will be great to just see you, show you our fabulous new range and products, and chat about all the other new and exciting things in store for Vintage Kit.

Lots of love as always Katherine

The time and lives of my family the Triggs

I just want to tell you about my wonderful family and what they are all up to in the coming weeks. I have four gorgeous children, and each of them individual and creative.

My eldest son Josh is a film director with his own company (Jam Flicks), and I have some exciting things I want to post on his behalf (he may not want me to as they are all such modest children, and I must say it seems very hard for me to do this for myself, so I can understand their apprehension).

My daughter Natasha is a professional ballet dancer who has danced at the Royal Albert Hall in Swan Lake for the English National Ballet and whom you may also have seen on billboards around London as she is featured in the Lexus car adverts.  My next son Kit is a very talented guitarist singer/song writer and has been put forward for Glastonbury at the tender age of 18. My last son, Beau is a fabulous larger than life sportsman, still at primary school.

I am extremely proud of them all, though I hadn’t wanted to say too much until my good friend Lorrie said I really should.  I hope you enjoy reading about them and I will be putting up some pretty exciting pics and sounds over the next few weeks:)

Lots of love, Katherine xx

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April the time of growth…

April has been a lovely month of growth, we have been very busy sampling our new wallpapers and bedding range with some beautiful vintage lampshades to match. We wanted to create some of our iconic prints as well as some of our dual brand with Disney ones, it has been so much fun creating vintage subtle wallpapers, we hope you like them:)

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Mad March is here……..

Happy to welcome March as the days are getting longer and our new Spring Summer 2014 collection hits Harvey Nichols in London, Leeds, York and HongKong.

We spent the rest of Feb with our Fall 2014 shoot, that was so much fun and thank you to all the gorgeous parents and their beautiful children who model for vintage kit, we are already starting to think about our next shoot, I am thinking of doing a short film where I can involve so many more of our ‘print stories’.

Fall jpeg1
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