Woman’s House June 28th-6th July 2019 ARTIST call out

We are looking for artists, poets, writers and thinkers to take part in a short one week project to show what feminism is today compared to 1972.
We are already a collective of artists doing an art installation that is a replica thought on a famous house in the 70’s called woman’s house in USA by a set of famous female feminist artists.

We started this page as we are keen to research the thoughts of men and women of our generation what the word ‘feminist’ means to them. In our current climate I have questioned over and over “where do we stand?” Our world is now so far away from the original idea of ‘feminism’ as perceived in the 70’s by a group of American artists who created woman’s house, this installation is intended to explore what we mean by feminism in our time, and question it, through vision and art.

The Installation and timescale

The woman’s house we are doing is in collaboration with some amazing female artists, thinkers and writers such as , Louise Ashcroft , Sue Tilley , Jo Wood and her daughter Leah Wood, Tony Bennetts grand daughter and more to name, where we will take over a house in London (near hackney) which has been very Kindly donated for a period of one month to take over our own rooms, hallways, kitchen laundry room, linen cupboards bathroom and even the garden with our thoughts as installations in all areas of the house, as the womanhouse in the US, (please see below info on the original woman’s house) we will invite ‘feminist’ male artists etc too, we will promote it through social media etc and invite all comments on feminism today that will be printed out and used as wallpaper in an area of the house, and any offers to join us would be amazing! You don’t have to be an ‘artist’ as such but a person of feminist values with an intention to make a balance. We have a list of artist and writers that are desperate to be part of it. Some of the art will be uncomfortable of course and others through humour.

I have a more detailed plan to send through but I have been working on this idea for a couple of years and have had the backing of the Hackney and Kensington council, to help find a house for us, but I started to think that this would actually be incredible if the original fascia of the property of woman’s house in the US was copied (perhaps a thought similar to Cornelia Parker doing the psycho barn) or we have an idea of the property we are thinking about below on the PDF attached.

This is a big project which I am looking to redo on a big scale also which will take 1 -3 years to fully realise in order to have the maximum impact, and have contacted the Tate about doing this.

But for now we have a fabulous house in a REAL location.

* If you or anyone you know would be interested in this we have the house now, and the show week will be 28th June- 6th July, we would like to charge £4 for entry and all the proceeds will go to Women’s aid and domestic violence for both women and men.

* Your installation could be a wallpaper, you could take over a cupboard or a room, or just simply hand pictures, paint the front door, do something in the garden, a live installation, a projection, a bedroom, a shelf, what ever it is that you want to say. It can be funny sad happy or just real.

* Please send in your ideas and if you know anyone who wants to just help, or invigilate please contact me asap here, where I can send you more details pictures of the house etc

love Katherine xx.

Please visit http://www.womanhouse.net

Womanhouse (January 30 – February 28, 1972)was a
organised by Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro, co-founders of the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) Feminist Art Program. Chicago, Schapiro, their students and women artists from the local community, including Faith Wilding, participated.Chicago and Schapiro encouraged their students to use consciousness-raising techniques to generate the content of the exhibition.

Only women were allowed to view the exhibition on its first day, after which the exhibition was open to all viewers. During the exhibition’s duration, it received approximately 10,000 visitors.

Katherine Trigg

An archival resource for the feminist artwork Womanhouse, (1972) Los Angeles led by Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro through CalArts; artists Faith Wilding, Mira Schor, Nancy Youdelman, Robin Mitchell, Sheila de Bretteville, Johanna Demetrekas and others.

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