The Beauty of Autumn heralding change

I haven’t had a chance to update my blog for a while as with Autumn I too have been going through a period of change bringing challenges with it. I am keen to put these out in the new year, but in the meantime a little update on some things we have been up to.

I spent September working with my gorgeous friends the Hemingway’s toward their classic car boot sale in Kings cross and also their fabulous new festival called Sample which showcases designers of fashion, design, floristry each season held in fabulous Greenwich, the next one in early December As well as forging forward with my designs on a fantastic exciting creative new project, my gorgeous man and I have been throwing pottery and now really have the bug. Of course there is a whole new sexy language with throwing ‘clay body’ ‘coiling’ ‘leather hard’ etc etc 🙂 We are at the biscuit firing stage and ready to paint and glaze, watch this space!

Kit my middle son has finished his first album which will be released in the spring alongside an exciting new launch, and Josh my eldest son has launched his first successful film festival called which is so exciting having so many great talented supporters involved like Colin Salmon and Sue Tilley to name a few!

I am looking forward to really writing some exciting stuff in the new Year and would love your thoughts on any of the above or other:)

Love Katherine xx


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