Domestic false sense of security MA Fine art

IMG_0271 (1)

Jan 2016

……….Heirs to a weighty past, striving to forge a new future…..

I aim to use images that I make, paint or project, to enable the viewer to be able to see another view that I was unable to see myself until I had gone through my own life experiences.

Developing and defining my practice through experience and discourse within my personal and professional experiences in fashion and art.

I come from a generation of women born into colonialism and its global aspect. The archetypal patriarch based system with a gender based role division, traditional expectations and co-dependancy.

Through my research, I want to build up a conversation and explore the gender roles of women of my generation, seemingly transitional through feminism and the ideals of equality. Not quite the oppression of our parents, but neither as evolved and liberated as our children.

IMG_0278 (1)

After going through two marriages, one violent, and the other financially emotionally and physically controlling, I need to understand why I was this person to let or attract it.

My realisation, through reading and through my practise, has led me to understand that there is a whole generation still caught in this pattern, and yet my children live in a completely different world where equality is pushing through, ‘the fact is that neither me or women are satisfied with each other today’.

From this I have come to understand more about the term slavery which co exists like bondage in the home and work place, debating the role of the housewife and full time mother as the contemporary slave.


Slavery in the fashion business:
Having spent all my adult life in the high end fashion business, I need to explore through a pro-active stance, child slavery. What is the pay off?

Are we all slaves to the hegemony? Or are we all slaves to our husbands, our fathers or our mobile phones? The consumer ridden drive that exists to force slave child labour. Yet to the consumer, it provides temporary relief from reality and the artificial value system.

Capitalism leads to a sense of security, reliant on mobile phones, media security, auto locks on cars.

The reality is denial that child slavery exists for the consumer to carry on with its constant instant satisfaction. Irrelevant of the pay off.


Starting point:
My work has started with a doorway, the door as my eye to the present and future. Taking the festive Christmas 2015 season, using the spot welder, I made a metal wreath and placed the traditional greenery on it and red ribbon, but, made baubles with the images to reflect the world we live in 2015. For example, the the Anonymous group, Donald Trump, MAMBLA, and many more.  This was hung on the door, and then I projected a roaring fireplace through the glass to typify a cosy home.

IMG_0275 (1)IMG_0291 (1)

My aim for this was to show security behind the door, yet totally fallible. A consumer ridden person under a false prettiness of security behind their front door.

The aim of which is to highlight to a broad audience a series of drawings, and made a spot welded figure that I want to project across Primart in Oxford street.


My work will be limited by legal access to project these images, and also the cost of the projector, as it will cost thousands. However, I have recorded moving images of Oxford St. and the front store, and am testing projecting twice on a large scale the static image onto the moving image.


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