Diary of 1971 Intro


Katy Katy. …. she kept whispering with a soft voice until I started to open my eyes to her face leaning over me with her black hair tied loosely, her gaze as cold but determined until I realised this was important (to her)..I rubbed my eyes and got up quickly,
“You need to go now quick before the wardens come” I gingerly begged why can’t the boys go or Georgie, I’m so tired, please’ I knew it would have no effect, it always fell on deaf ears with her.  I dragged myself up searching the room for my clothes, over on a chair near the dressing table. I pulled my small blue jeans on over my pyjamas all bunched up round my bum and hips, buttoned them up and then grabbed my sweatshirt with ‘Smitty did it’ over my pyjama top .

She called to me, “you need to take the keys and put these in the boot”.
The room was dimly lit with the early morning light trying to creep through the heavy lined curtains and the smell of sleeping teenagers hanging in the air made me green. The sound of breathing and snoring and deep sleep.
Still rubbing my eyes I took the keys and with that she handed me the brown old leather suitcase. I knew what was in there and it was heavy.
I pleaded muttering under my breath hoping she would hear but not really or it would be trouble for me, “ can’t the boys take this, they are older than me” With that she ignored me, ignored ME quietly sending me on my way with instructions.
It was heavy too heavy for me, I opened the silver handle and lock and stepped out into the brightly lit corridor. A place I loved and had run up and down so may times, fast and slow, racing and looking for cups, plates, jugs, saucers, silverware and trays people left outside their doors for room service.
Such a comfort the hotel floors were, full of fun. We all came together for once with the same aim, fun, run, race freely happily everything forgotten in those meetings of racing your heart and chest beating fast, win!

But this morning no.
This morning I blinked at the light it was early, too early no running no racing no fun. This morning it was serious, it was on my shoulders to deliver. I took it seriously. The halls are quiet and everyone else was in bed, it was too early for them.
I looked down at the thick carpet, cream pile with pink triangles, a weave I had learned to love staring down as I got ready to race, but not this morning, this morning it had taken a dark shade of grey as I stared down, I pulled the hotel room door shut and started towards the lift.
The case got heaver and noisier as I got closer to the lift. The brown case felt heavy and was hurting my right shoulder. My pants and pyjamas were feeling lumpy and uncomfortable as I put the case down and tried to pull my pants around. I picked up my case and carried on down the dimly lit corridor, until I got to the lift . I loved this lift it was made of glass and I could see outside up Nathan Road.
It was a relief to put the heavy case down that was cluttering and throwing me off balance with every step took, and pushed the lift button to go down to the ground level.
I had a horrible fear of lifts ever since one of my brothers pressed the stop button and made me sit in a lift for four hours.
The lift doors opened slowly to reveal a bright godly light where a smiling man standing in the middle, welcoming me in. I smiled.
I didn’t care , I slowly picked up my heavy suitcase full of stolen goods and stepped inside, the doors slowly closed behind me, and there was a silence as just this man and me stood face to face, and for a while we just stared at each other for an eternity, although I came up to his belt. I looked up and he said~” well good morning” with a lovely broad smile that I recognised, I swallowed and smiled back, I knew him.

Well. I knew him from my grand ma and my mother, it was Robert.. from the films from the movies they loved him……Redford. I looked up at him for a while, we stared at each other, his skin wasn’t great, I thought but he was kind. And I was in a lift with him on my own with my stolen goods, and my pyjamas and my jeans and my sweatshirt. I was with him, their idol, just me and him. He was nice to me, he smiled at me, we had this moment together. I worried for a moment If he knew, would I be in trouble.
The doors opened.
He smiled again and said good bye.
I was uplifted, It was him, and I picked up my heavy brown case and I walked proud across the huge grey marble lobby with my case clanking loudly, and all the staff staring at me across from behind their desks, until I went out the doors to our little orange car, I opened the boot and placed the case carefully in there,
Put 1 dollar in the meter.



The Beauty of Autumn heralding change

I haven’t had a chance to update my blog for a while as with Autumn I too have been going through a period of change bringing challenges with it. I am keen to put these out in the new year, but in the meantime a little update on some things we have been up to.

I spent September working with my gorgeous friends the Hemingway’s toward their classic car boot sale in Kings cross http://www.classiccarbootsale.co.uk/ and also their fabulous new festival called Sample which showcases designers of fashion, design, floristry each season held in fabulous Greenwich, the next one in early December http://www.hemingwaydesign.co.uk/projects/greenwich-peninsula-hemingwaydesign-present-sample-saturday-4th-sunday-5th-march-2017. As well as forging forward with my designs on a fantastic exciting creative new project, my gorgeous man and I have been throwing pottery and now really have the bug. Of course there is a whole new sexy language with throwing ‘clay body’ ‘coiling’ ‘leather hard’ etc etc 🙂 We are at the biscuit firing stage and ready to paint and glaze, watch this space!

Kit my middle son has finished his first album which will be released in the spring alongside an exciting new launch https://www.facebook.com/KITofficialpage/?ref=bookmarks, and Josh my eldest son has launched his first successful film festival called https://www.thunderdancefilmfestival.com/ which is so exciting having so many great talented supporters involved like Colin Salmon and Sue Tilley to name a few!

I am looking forward to really writing some exciting stuff in the new Year and would love your thoughts on any of the above or other:)

Love Katherine xx


Fine Art


I have been working on an MA in Fine Art, which I have now completed. Its been quite an invigorating year which has opened my mind again to the valuable world of learning and reading.  I am becoming more engaged in feminism Simone De Beauvoir and would thoroughly recommend it! I questioned where the initial spark of inequality started and in this bible of feminism writing it literally goes back to the ‘egg’ being passive whilst the sperm being dominant, so there you go! I have now joined the Women’s equality party! And looking forward to finding our Art House with Sue Tilley on feminism ( and my son) in the Autumn and Spring of 2017. We incidentally have the backing of kensington council and Hackney council!

So here is the installation called ‘snowflakes’ The cocaine Diet; along with a sound piece of the dancers doing bourrees only.14203170_10209023518759680_1961709433289278593_n

womanshouse UK art project 2016

IMG_0278 (1)



I am doing an art installation that is a replica thought on a famous house in the 70’s called womenhouse in USA by a set of famous female feminist artists. I started this page as I am keen to research the thoughts of men and women of my generation what the word ‘feminist’ means to them.
My sons have taught me that I needed to drag myself into this generation as feminism to me meant… men opening doors, of course I didn’t want that to change! My boys were furious with me, telling me they were feminists, to my horror I thought only women were!! I am really crazy interested in what men and women of my decade think! After speaking to several friends of the same age they had the same thoughts as me.
The womenhouse I am doing is in collaboration with some amazing female artists Louise Ashcroft, Sue Tilley and more to name, where we will take over a house in London and take over our own rooms, as the womanhouse in the US, we will invite a ‘feminist’male artist too, all your comments will be printed out and used as wallpaper in an area of the house, I really hope when the house is ready to show you will all come, and any offers to join us would be amazing! thank you so much:))
love katherine xx

Womanhouse (January 30 – February 28, 1972) was a feminist art installation and performance space organized by Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro, co-founders of the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) Feminist Art Program. Chicago, Schapiro, their students and women artists from the local community, including Faith Wilding, participated.Chicago and Schapiro encouraged their students to use consciousness-raising techniques to generate the content of the exhibition.

Only women were allowed to view the exhibition on its first day, after which the exhibition was open to all viewers. During the exhibition’s duration, it received approximately 10,000 visitors.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 15.14.51.png

So really what does the word feminism today in 2016 mean to you? please ramble away:))

Domestic false sense of security MA Fine art

IMG_0271 (1)

Jan 2016

……….Heirs to a weighty past, striving to forge a new future…..

I aim to use images that I make, paint or project, to enable the viewer to be able to see another view that I was unable to see myself until I had gone through my own life experiences.

Developing and defining my practice through experience and discourse within my personal and professional experiences in fashion and art.

I come from a generation of women born into colonialism and its global aspect. The archetypal patriarch based system with a gender based role division, traditional expectations and co-dependancy.

Through my research, I want to build up a conversation and explore the gender roles of women of my generation, seemingly transitional through feminism and the ideals of equality. Not quite the oppression of our parents, but neither as evolved and liberated as our children.

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